Stay Productive While Distractions are Happening

We all face the daily challenge – how to stay productive while distractions are happening around us . It’s something everyone has to deal with – open office but have it a little worse.

So what to do? Ah , iPod saves the day.

Headphones or earbuds are a great way to block out the noise of an office. But music can also serve as a distraction for cognitively demanding tasks . If what you’re working on your concentration required , turn off the music . (You can leave the headphones to keep people talking about you and disruption , though! )
The classical or instrumental music improves mental performance more than music with lyrics. Music can make routine tasks or routine ( think laundry or folding filing documents ) less boring and more enjoyable. Runners who listen to music go faster . But when you need to learn and remember all their attention , silence is golden .


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