Employment Contract Letter Sample

An employment contract sample serves as guidelines for the nearly oblivious employer. Although employment contracts convey the same purpose, they vary on content as there is what we call autonomy when it comes to creating contracts. This autonomy is defined as a power of both parties to include such terms, conditions, sanctions, and stipulations to their contract as they deem fit. With this, the samples differ depending on the kind of employer and nature of work.

The samples usually contain pertinent information about the employee and employer, ways on how they can contact each other, duties, beginning and termination of the employment, salary and bonuses, and of course, the terms and conditions.

Employment Contract Letter Sample :-

Ms. Agrima Baboor,

Flat no 1, Elizabeth House,

Central London, England.

Dear Agrima,

We Maalik and Malik Co. Solicitors would like you to join in our company. After considering your 4 years of experience in the work places that you have specified, we decided to recruit you as an Assistant, where you should solve all the minor issues and should come forward with your ideas and suggestions in typical cases.

We have made few terms and conditions in this employment contract letter which you need to follow for sure. Firstly it is our company’s rule, not to discuss the case outside the company under any cost. Secondly if you are short of ideas then you shouldn’t approach the outside companies to resolve the case. Keeping in view of your work experience and knowledge, we have also fixed your pay scale, which would be $30,000 annually. For further queries please contact us as soon as possible.


Mr. Rehan Girsh


Maalik & Malik Co.


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